The Skycasters Commitment to Disaster Recovery Continues

In the face of disaster, sustaining channels for communication can be critical. Emergency response teams must give instruction, exchange logistical information, and provide key updates to ensure recovery efforts can proceed. Yet traditional ground communication may be compromised as a result of a disaster, and repairing these channels is often the last thing any response team wants to deal with given the more pressing responsibilities at hand. That’s why disaster recovery communication solutions, like the satellite internet equipment and service plans we offer at Skycasters, have been of such benefit to emergency responders over the years.

 This year’s International Disaster Conference and Expo, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, was a great reminder of why at Skycasters, we continue to remain committed to advancing disaster recovery solutions. The IDCE is an annual conference of public and private industry leaders that meet to discuss a variety of disaster-related topics, including global and homeland security, emergency response and management, and business continuity. We joined industry leaders in discussing everything from building resiliency in business, to open data, to innovation in disaster technology. This meeting of the minds allowed us to gain new perspectives, explore other areas of disaster recovery, and exchange ideas with industry peers. Ultimately the 2015 IDCE conference, which featured a keynote speech from former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, underscored why our commitment to disaster recovery plans is crucial to emergency response operations, and why the services we offer remain at the forefront of this field.

Additionally, our attendance at the IDCE reaffirmed that the ability to quickly deploy mobile satellite communications from any location, be it in a city flooded from a hurricane or a rural town damaged by a severe storm, is invaluable.  Satellite internet presents a particularly suitable solution for sustaining communication during emergency situations because satellite service isn’t affected by events that happen on earth. If there’s a disaster of any magnitude, be it an earthquake, hurricane, or tornado, satellite service will remain intact thanks to our reliance on extraterrestrial technology.

Even if an organization’s existing satellite equipment on the ground is compromised due to physical damage and destruction, we make high-speed internet connection possible with a variety of hardware satellite solutions for rent, including a state-of-the-art turnkey mobile satellite trailer. These mobile trailers are specifically designed for expedient set up in any location. Business-grade and highly durable, trailers can be towed behind any vehicle and successfully launched by even the most novice of users. In other words, all that’s needed is the trailer itself, and from there, responders will have access to wireless internet at any disaster location.

Often emergency response teams find they need more than just access to wireless internet; to efficiently operate a recovery command center, things like cell service, voice over internet protocol, fax machines, two-way radio communications, and the need to share a satellite dish among multiple users are required. That’s why our mobile satellite trailers provide each of these features to ensure that those hard at work on the ground aren’t limited by a lack of resources.

Disaster recovery plans can also include use of even more portable satellite equipment, like our turn-key Flyaway package that’s less than 1 meter in size to fit in any vehicle. Built with the same user-accessibility in mind, communication can also be set up in less than 10 minutes; the Flyaway electronic and antenna packages include a broadband wireless router, satellite modem and router, and 3w or 6w BUC.

Creating an effective disaster recovery plan can be a daunting endeavor, especially for those unfamiliar with all of the options at hand for convenient, quality service. To make this planning experience a little easier, Skycasters sales engineers are available to assess and discuss your needs and make appropriate recommendations for either rental equipment or one of our various service plans. We’ve helped some of the largest emergency response organizations in the country, including FEMA, the Red Cross, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Army Corp of Engineers, find optimal solutions for their disaster recovery communications.

As always, the International Disaster Conference and Expo reminds us that while there can be many challenges when attempting to effectively respond to a disaster, communication doesn’t have to be one of them.

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