Skycasters Expands Capacity on G-28 Satellite

One of the most important components of satellite Internet is obviously the satellite. Without these beautiful pieces of technology we would not be able to provide communications to remote areas, or send information when terrestrial infrastructure is damaged. We utilize three geostationary satellites to power our services: T11N, AMC-1, and G-28.  Most satellite Internet service providers do not own their own satellite, but decide to lease capacity instead.

So how does capacity leasing work? Satellites have multiple transponders, which form the communications link between the transmitting and receiving satellite antenna. These satellite transponders can be rented to companies like Skycasters. Each satellite transponder has a set amount of bandwidth capacity, which the satellite Internet service providers use for customer accounts. Once the bandwidth is fully utilized, more satellite transponder capacity must be leased if there is an increase in traffic.

One of Skycasters’ primary satellites where we lease satellite transponder capacity is G-28, and is owned by Intelsat. We currently use the Ku-band NACC Beam, which we use for coverage in the US, parts of Canada, and the Caribbean. Skycasters is currently using all the satellite transponder capacity we lease on G-28.

What does this mean for Skycasters? As a company we are growing and expanding, and serving customers from a wide range of industries, from oil, gas, mining, healthcare, medicine, construction, and more. In order to accommodate the increased traffic, and maintain the speed of our satellite Internet service, we will be leasing about 6 MHz of satellite transponder capacity on another transponder on G-28 for the next 3-4 months. We will be moving some of our dedicate private network clients to this extra space on G-28, and in the meantime update our servers and shorten the carrier spacing in order to make more efficient use of our existing transponder. Once this is completed, the users will be returned to the original satellite transponder on G-28.

What does this mean for our customers?  We are committed to providing you with the highest quality, best value satellite Internet service available on the market today.  With these changes, our customers will continue to enjoy the high speeds and low latency they have come to expect from Skycasters.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.