Skycasters to be Honored at the 2013 Leading EDGE Awards

Skycasters has been selected as a 2013 Leading EDGE Honored Company, and will be joining an elite group of mid-sized companies in Northeast Ohio.
Leading EDGE

Now in its seventh year, The Leading EDGE seeks out great companies who feel are deserving of recognition for the value they contribute to their local community. Through spin-off businesses, meaningful job creation, civic engagement and spending with local vendors and driving a sustaining force of the local economy, Skycsters has landed this award.

Skycasters will be listed in the 2013 Leading EDGE Magazine which will be included in the June edition of the Smart Business Magazine. It is a great opportunity for Skycasters to be mentioned in EDGE, in order to expose the region to our company, who continues to add value in Northeast Ohio.

Congratulations to Skycasters!

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