Skycasters Upgrades to the iDirect Evolution x3 and x5 Modem

Exciting times ahead!

The world of technology is constantly changing with innovations in the industry and improvements to existing systems. These innovations benefit our customers by providing better performance over a wider range of conditions. Skycasters is committed to working with suppliers that make innovation a priority. One of our most important suppliers is iDirect, which supplies our satellite hubs and modems. With the introduction of the iDX 3.1 Platform, and the iDirect Evolution x5 and x3 modem, we knew we had to stay on top of cutting edge technology by offering this equipment to our customers.

Choosing the iDirect Evolution platform was a natural choice for Skycasters. The iDX 3.1 Platform allows us to improve narrowband service, which is especially useful for applications like SCADA. And the new modems provide greater bandwidth efficiency than other models. Advanced monitoring tools make for a cleaner network which translates into improved service for all our customers.

The primary advantage of the iDirect Evolution product line is the ability for the modems to perform ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation). ACM allows each satellite remote to attain the greatest amount of data throughput by choosing the best coding and modulation scheme available to the remote at that time. For example, a device in an area experiencing rain will receive different modulation and coding than a device that is in an area with clear skies. The net impact will be that as weather deteriorates in your area your service will slow down, rather than drop out.

Skycasters is implementing the iDirect Evolution upgrade in several phases. Starting immediately, all new customers will receive an x3 modem for fixed installations, or an x5 modem for mobile applications. Over the coming days and weeks, all customers on G28 will be given an opportunity to upgrade to the x3 modem at a special discount price. Look for an email from me shortly with the details.


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