SOHO blurs the line between home and office

Many of us associate SOHO with the hip area of New York City known for the latest trends in art and food. But in the world of business, SOHO stands for small office/home office and it’s a trend in home-based businesses that in some parts of the world is even known as s lifestyle.

Take the Scotts Tower in Singapore for example. It’s a 231-unit SOHO-style apartment property that combines the convenience and facilities of office space with the privacy and functionality of residential living, featuring shared concierge service and WiFi-enabled meeting “pods.”

Working from home used to be associated with cottage industries that focused on manufacturing. But thanks to today’s technology and applications like the Web, email, e-commerce, videoconferencing and VoIP, a service-based business can operate out of a residence and deliver the same high level of professionalism as another business located in a traditional office setting.

Key to delivering professional service is operating on a SOHO network that uses an Internet connection to power everything an office needs including computers, printers and even phones using VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) technology.

It may be very tempting for SOHO professionals to tap into their residential Internet service provider (ISP) to support their small office/home office network—relying on a standard router they picked up at a big box store. The problem is, an ISP like that usually only offers service and products that are made for delivering entertainment, not for supporting the suite of IP protocols necessary to run a business.

For Internet service that’s designed for doing business, business-grade satellite Internet delivers the speed and reliability needed to operate all of the latest business applications. While it used to be considered an expensive option, it has come down in price significantly so it’s growing as a popular choice among businesses and agencies.

Probably the biggest benefit is reliability. Land-based communications networks reply on local infrastructures to deliver service. When there is a natural or manmade disaster and service goes down, it stops business from getting done—plus, there’s no telling when service will be re-established. In addition, business-grade products are made for that just that—doing business. Therefore, they provide the speed, durability and functions needed to support a SOHO network.

Business-grade satellite is also faster for uploading and downloading, which is important for data transfers and video streaming. And unlike consumer-grade ISPs, business-grade satellite Internet service is customizable—no one-size-fits all plan.

If privacy is a concern, an ISP can offer encrypted links that provide security using a VPN (virtual private network) while maintaining speed and performance.


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