Sun Fade Season Approaches

img1As we begin to enter the month of October, Skycasters would like to take the opportunity to remind our clients that they may encounter temporary outages due to a phenomenon known as sun fade. Sun fade, or sun outage, occurs when a satellite is positioned directly between its receiving station and the sun. The overwhelming solar radiation, which includes the microwave frequencies on which satellites communicate, disrupts the received signal and causes interference. Each outage lasts no more than a few minutes. While we understand any interruption in service may be an inconvenience to you, rest assured that all possible measures are being taken to minimize any loss in service.

Due to the look angle between the satellites, sun, and receive station, outages vary by geographic location, and this means that there will be sun fade at both our headquarters and customer locations. The schedule for these outages generally runs from north to south from approximately February 20th to April 20th, and again from approximately August 20th to October 20th. At our teleport in Akron, OH clients can expect minor issues.

It is important to note that clients will experience the effects of sun fade not only from their home location, but also from our base in Akron, OH. For more information on when and for how long you can expect an interruption of service at both your location and ours, please follow the links below:


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