Teleport Expansion Project, Phase 1

Our 2011 Teleport expansion is well underway.  Satellite Internet, teleport, redundantWith all the wet weather we had this spring, we got off to a bit of a slow start.  However, we are back on track, and making good progress.

So far we have taken delivery of two Telco shelters, a new generator, a new UPS, and have poured the pad for our newest (and largest) antenna – Antenna 4.

Telco Shelters

We purchased two self-contained 28’ x 12’ Telco shelters, each with redundant HVAC systems.

These are commonly seen next to cell towers and microwave repeaters.  We will use one of these buildings for power distribution to the teleport.  Satellite Internet, telco shelter, redundantIt will also house our UPS systems.  The other building will be used for RF distribution.  Ultimately, all existing antennas will be re-fed to this building.

These two telco shelters (which we call Sat1 and Sat2), are currently being refitted with power and cabling infrastructure to meet our needs.  We have completed all the conduit chases between our three existing Antennas and our RF Telco shelter (Sat1).  Power systems in Sat 2 should be operational in early September.


We have taken delivery of a brand new Caterpillar 150 kW diesel generator.

This unit joins the 80 kW Generac and 90 kW Caterpillar already in place.  These three generators will provide Satellite Internet, generatorsufficient power to support not only our current build plans, but also for future growth and construction of Antenna 5 and Antenna 6.


As part of this expansion we have we have added a second APC Galaxy 4000 UPS to our power system.  This second UPS (identical to the one we currently have), will double our protected load.

8.1m Uplink Antenna

The most significant part of this project involves the construction of our newest uplink antenna.  This newest addition to our teleport will have a massive 8.1m primary Satellite Internet, Antenna 4 padreflector. Approaching 4 stories, we had to request clearance from the FAA prior to construction.  Wow!

At this point, we have poured the foundation (22 x 22 x 6 foot thick concrete, sitting on a base of 12 feet of compacted stone), and are awaiting start of construction in about 10 days.

Exciting times, to say the least.  We will post more pictures as construction progresses.



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