Teleport Expansion Project, Part IV

Our teleport expansion project continues to move steadily forward.  I was at a trade show for a couple of days, and returned to find significant progress continued in my absence.

Galaxy 4000 UPS

Our newest UPS System is a Galaxy 4000 made by MGE (same parent company that makes the APC home units you might be familiar with).

This system is a twin to our existing Galaxy 4000 that has provided us with many years of faithful service.  But to be honest, The Galaxy 4000 UPS duplicates our existing 4000although we like the Galaxy 4000 a lot, the primary driver in specifying an identical unit was so that we would have common spares.

The new unit was fitted with an external bypass switch, which will allow us to route power around the UPS in case of a catastrophic failure. Our good friend Bob Bennett was out to perform the initial startup and verify functionality. Everything checked out, and we are good to go.

The long term plan will be to move our existing UPS into this building (Sat 2) and consolidate all power distribution through this facility. We have laid out the building and cabling such that we can eventually have four of these UPS systems online. I can’t even imagine the noise that will make – good thing we have high quality hearing protection for employees and guests.

Fire Fire Suppression System Protects Both Sat 1 and Sat 2Suppression

Both Sat 1 and Sat 2 are now equipped with a state of the art fire suppression system.  The chemical of choice in these systems is called FM-200.  This new chemical replaces the Halon used in previous generation systems.  If the system goes off, you still need to evacuate (it removes all the oxygen), but at least it doesn’t actively kill you like the old Halon did.  But by all means, if you’re in there, and there’s no fire… press abort!

New Server Racks (400 series)

The Sat 1 building is starting to feel like home.  Twistlock power was installed in the ceiling, The ten Sat 1 Server Racks will house RF, networking and server systemstwo circuits per rack, each circuit on a different phase.  Ten server racks have been put in place down the center of the room, right beneath the ladder racking that will carry the cabling between the racks and to the waveguide ports.  These will be our 400 series racks (the 100, 200 and 300 series are in our indoor data center on the second floor).  Eight racks for RF and networking gear, and two for servers.  If you look closely at the picture, you might notice our brand new fiber optic runs between Sat 1 and the 2nd floor Data Center.

We will post more pictures as the build progresses.


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