The Future of Mobile Internet is with Skycasters

Mobile technology is, without a doubt, one of the 21st century’s most impressive and amazing advancements. When most people hear the word “mobile”, however, a very specific image comes to mind. More often than not, the idea of connecting to a satellite while moving is mentioned. While Skycasters does not currently provide this service, it is a very interesting option when discussing the idea of mobile communications.


Moving while maintaining a connection to a satellite can bring up a host of technical concerns. While it is possible, it is very expensive and rarely necessary. In situations where a medical team must treat a patient while on the way to the hospital, or when chasing storms and feeding data back to a remote server, moving communications and internet access can be very important. Most of the time, a company can’t justify the cost of this technology for its uses. Generally speaking, what businesses typically need is connectivity in areas where the infrastructure isn’t fully developed as well as the ability to pick up and move elsewhere.

When Skycasters uses the term “mobile”, we introduce the concept of satellite dishes affixed to trailers or other vehicles. We have our own customized trailer-mounted solution called MSTs or Mobile Satellite Trailers. These convenient devices can easily be moved from location to location, which is perfect for industries like oil and gas exploration. MSTs can act as mobile LANs and can even be ordered with self-pointing dishes.  Using these “nomads” Skycasters is able to bring mobile satellite internet to an even broader range of business users, while simultaneously decreasing any inconvenience. By providing another option for connectivity, Skycasters aims to bring the best service possible to businesses in a wide variety of locations.

Trailer or vehicle-mounted satellite antennas are far from the only innovation available to our customers. When you work with Skycasters, we guarantee that the customer’s interest always comes first. Our business model is driven by providing custom solutions, whenever and wherever possible. No matter how specific your request, we will work with you directly to solve your business’s unique needs.

Far from just self-aligning dishes, we’re constantly trying out new devices to meet customer demand. Although we don’t sell the equipment required for truly mobile connections, we have the experience to meet that need if a customer comes to us. Another cool mobile technology available are GATRs, a dramatic leap in technology that involves inflatable, bullet-resistant, stand-alone communications terminals. While we haven’t yet used these in the field for customers yet, we can incorporate them where and when they are needed. No matter what our clients ask for, we’re comfortable crafting a custom plan and working with new technology to make it happen.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.