They Must have Switched to Ku Band

Bird bath. Gazebo roof. Flying disc. Solar oven. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” taken to extremes can mean some really wicked ideas for satellite dishes. Especially the C-Band dishes and the big TV dishes that were so popular in the 1970s.

Cabana Dish

My wife and I were visiting Kelley’s Island, Ohio, a couple weeks ago (those glacial gouges are groovy!), and we saw this old C-Band dish mounted upside down on found wood as a sort of cabana. That got me to thinking of all the other dishes out there. There’s got to be a million used dishes floating around out there.

Aside from WoundedMooseTV’s valued documentaries on YouTube, the web has dozens of examples of backyard entrepreneurs stretching their imaginations over dishes of every size and shape (did you see the skateboard ramp?).

If you have any great pics of satellite dishes creatively reused, and the story behind it, we’ll post them here for everyone to enjoy.

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