Use Satellite Internet to Optimize SCADA and Smart Grids Operations

Today’s advanced monitoring technologies allow business, industry, and government to control remote site operations from a centralized location using broadband Internet. These systems require consistent download and upload speeds to provide the information needed to ensure proper functioning. But when the Internet connection is lost, service is interrupted, which can disrupt functions and compromise safety.


That is why more and more users are turning to satellite Internet to optimize SCADA and Smart Grid operations. Unlike land-based communications systems that are vulnerable to local infrastructure failures, satellite Internet is independent of landlines. Headquarters stays connected with their remote sites, despite weather, disaster, or line failure, guaranteeing a connection that terrestrial ISPs (Internet Service Providers) cannot. More importantly, satellite Internet allows companies to keep their entire infrastructure on a single network, which means that changes to the infrastructure can be made by just one management system.

Satellite Internet also offers more flexibility. With portable, stationary, and mobile options, an Internet connection can be set up anywhere, even in remote locations where SCADA systems and smart grids operate. Some portable and mobile units can be set up in under 10 minutes, providing reliable narrowband and broadband Internet wherever and whenever it is needed.

Not only does satellite Internet go anywhere, but it allows data transfer to be done anywhere. Users can stream video, make a phone call using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, and fax, all at the same time, for optimum productivity and profitability.


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