¡Viva Honduras! The rejection of tyranny and the reestablishment of democracy.

Skycasters’ customers, and other citizens in Honduras, woke on 28 June 2009, to a series of events that on the surface sounds awfully familiar:

The military removes the democratically-elected president, and hands the power to an official the military deems more capable. But there’s more to this story.

The world press has identified that the procedure was democratically surgical, with the military following directions from the country’s supreme court and congress, relieving the president of his office, and transitioning rule to another democratically elected official with a set term of seven months. The citizens of Honduras, with the help of their own military, did not destroy their government and their democracy – they saved it.

While certainly our democracy finds this process highly unusual, and our government’s indignation and demands for righting the “wrongs” will seem just, just possibly Honduran democracy has experienced a righting of wrongs in the offing.

As many as eight other democracies in the hemisphere have rulers who have autocratic power, and it was looking increasingly like the Honduran president was interested in creating another satellite of Caracas. Thankfully, the citizens of Honduras refused to give up their freedoms.

While I try to operate this business as an apolitical entity, as an American and as a capitalist, I favor governments that promote open markets and free speech. It’s good for the people, and it’s good for business.

May the Honduran motto: “Libre, Soberana e Independiente” serve as a beacon for us all.


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