With Great Respect to Randall Stephenson and AT&T

Wow.  I just saw the new AT&T commercial (Investing in America) for the first time last night.  If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here:



This is a truly great commercial. They did a wonderful job.   I’m jealous at how well they capture my philosophy of rebuilding this Nation.  In practice, Skycasters is actually doing many of these same things that AT&T professes, just on a smaller scale.


I wish I could have said it so eloquently. My blog from March 17th starts down this path, but I must tip my marketing hat to them.  I am truly impressed. If every business adopted and embraced the attitude portrayed in this commercial, America would be well on the way back already.


A little more digging, and I find there was a speech given by Randall Stephenson, President & CEO of AT&T that explores this concept in more detail.  You can read it here:






Of course, the fact remains, I don’t know if AT&T is actually doing all of these things or not.  I do not know if they have truly adopted this philosophy from top to bottom within the organization, and if everyone there is committed to walking the walk.  I sincerely hope they are.  I know we are at Skycasters.


If anyone reading this knows Randall, please ask him for me and let me know.



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