The Nomad AZ/EL Cap Another Practical Engineering Solution

Align a Satellite Dish Faster with the Nomad

Conventional nomad azimuth elevation caps (AZ/EL Caps) are a hassle. You wrestle and wiggle to align the dish where you need it—only to have it go off kilter when you tighten down the bolts. The process to align the dish is slow, tedious, and not very accurate. The Nomad AZ/EL Cap allows you to align a satellite dish stress-free.

The Skycasters AZ/EL Cap represents a whole new way to set the azimuth and elevation. The Nomad Cap is faster and easier than any other mount, and more precise. You’ll save time on the phone with your NOC trying to set up your network while getting the azimuth and elevation just right.

Plus, you’ll be more accurate when you want to align a satellite dish. The Nomad innovations make the process to align the dish faster, easier, and more precise. Three good reasons to specify the new Skycasters AZ/EL Cap.

How It Works

Your iSite software that comes with the Nomad AZ/EL package will quickly tell you that your azimuth and elevation are correct.
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The Nomad Rapid Deployment System

Skycasters’ innovations don’t stop at the AZ/EL Cap. The Nomad Rapid Deployment System gives you the economy of fixed satellite equipment combined with the ease of satellite pointing almost as quickly as auto-pointing satellite Internet equipment.
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The dimensions ….
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