The Nomad Rapid Deployment System

The Nomad Rapid Deployment SystemThe Rapid Deployment system is the solution to customer’s satellite dish relocation issues. Multi-site customers often have satellite broadband Internet systems which they move from site to site, and the Nomad system makes this process hassle free. The Nomad deployment system was developed to simplify the installation of fixed dishes in remote areas. Our custom hinged, pole-mounted system is fully self-contained. The Nomad equipment includes an aluminum pallet that’s easy to move, and includes a Wi-Fi router, antenna, and gas-powered generator. The Nomad has everything you need in one compact package, and the equipment provides a high quality solution to redeployment needs.

The Nomad Deployment System includes:

  • Pole-mounted Nomad AZ/EL Cap with heavy-duty dish
  • Four integrated 2,000-lb. leveling jacks
  • Adjustable lock-down chains for high-wind conditions
  • Powder coated aluminum pallet for durability

Nomad Equipment Options

The Nomad Rapid Deployment System Folds Down Flat

  • Wi-Fi router and antenna
  • Weatherproof electronics box with cooling fans
  • Honda generator with rain hood
  • Power cable

The entire Nomad folds down and all the equipment fits in a standard 6′ pickup truck bed for transport.

Learn More Today About The Nomad

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