The Nomad AZ/EL Cap Features

How The Nomad Equipment Features Work

The Nomad equipment and features make aligning a dish quick and easy-to-use. The Nomad Azimuth Elevation features an azimuth wheel and elevation wheel, which work together to align the dish. These features align the dish with ease and precision. Just turn the azimuth wheel and your satellite dish glides into position. Setting the elevation is just as simple — turn the wheel until you’ve got the angle right, then tighten down the bolts. Once you’ve dialed in the proper angles and secured the bolts the Nomad AZ/EL Cap stays locked in place.
The Nomad Az/El Cap - Just turn the wheels
The Nomad AZ/EL Cap is available with any Skycasters fixed equipment package, and the Nomad features an upgraded reflector and more robust hardware. Each Nomad AZ/EL features a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Learn More Today About Nomad Equipment Features

For more information about the Nomad equipment and features, such as the wheel for azimuth and elevation and AZ/EL Cap, click here to send us your contact information, or call Skycasters today at 1-800-268-8653.

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