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The Nomad AZ/EL Cap

The Nomad Az/El Cap
Very similar to the traditional azimuth and elevation cap that connects the dish to the pole or non-penetrating roof mount, the Nomad AZ/EL Cap replaces the tedious procedure of turning bolts every time an adjustment is made.

The elevation wheel is the upper wheel that adjusts the up and down motion of the dish.
The azimuth wheel is the lower wheel which adjusts the side to side motion of the dish.


The Nomad Rapid Deployment System

When deploying the Nomad, adjust the four jacks to make the platform level.
When the platform is level, stake the chains to ensure no breezes disconnect the signal.

The Nomad is designed to perfectly mimic a non-penetrating roof mount. While shown without electronics enclosure, etc, such accessories may be included.
The Nomad folds flat so it can travel safely. Feed arm and stabilizer bars pivot with the dish as it descends, and packs as neatly as you please.


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