2013 Fall Sun Interference

Akron, OH – September 16th, 2013

Twice a year, the sun aligns with our teleport and our customers in just such a way that it briefly produces outages known as sun fade. Similar to rain fade, a sun fade occurs when the sun lines up just behind the satellite or in front of a receiving dish and the solar radiation creates additional noise which overpowers the signals from satellites. The outages are very short and rarely affect our customers for long, but it may cause quick interruptions in service similar to a strong storm. Depending on geographic location, customers can expect their own sun fades in the same week as their own dishes align with the sun and satellite.

The outages expected at our teleport in Akron, OH, will occur between October 6th and October 10th.

G28 AKRON, OH 8.1 m 10/08/2013 17:46 3 min
G28 AKRON, OH 8.1 m 10/09/2013 17:45 2 min
T11N AKRON, OH 8.1 m 10/08/2013 13:56 3 min
T11N AKRON, OH 8.1 m 10/09/2013 13:57 1 min
AMC-1 AKRON, OH 2.4 m 10/07/2013 18:49 3 min
AMC-1 AKRON, OH 2.4 m 10/08/2013 18:47 5 min
AMC-1 AKRON, OH 2.4 m 10/09/2013 18:47 5 min
AMC-1 AKRON, OH 2.4 m 10/10/2013 18:49 1 min

You will not only experience our teleport sun fade – you’ll also experience the outages that occur at your location. To determine the duration of the outage and the days in which the outage will occur, use the following links:

G28: http://www.intelsat.com/tools-resources/library/satellite-101/satellite-sun-interference/
T11N: https://support.telesat.ca/SunTransit/
AMC1: http://www.ses.com/7794865/AMC1_SEPTEMBER_E2570_NAMERICA2_RIF.PDF

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