Skycasters Onsite Maintenance Service Agreement

Skycasters will provide onsite corrective maintenance for VSATtooltip satellite terminals in the continental United States in accordance with the following terms:

Standard Onsite Maintenance

Skycasters will restore malfunctioning equipment to good working condition by performing the following corrective maintenance as required:

  • Diagnostic testing to determine the existence and cause of the malfunction
  • Removal and replacement of any malfunctioning field replaceable unit (“FRU”)
  • Reorientation (re-pointing) of the antenna subsystem in the event of misalignment
  • Repair or replacement of equipment interconnecting cables
  • Reloading initializing instructions and re-commissioning
  • Verification of proper operation and completion of service report

Premium Onsite Maintenance

Includes one free preventative maintenance inspection per year, following 12 months of paid service. Standard installation requirements apply. Premium Onsite Maintenance service will include:

  • Inspection of the dish for alignment, cabling, & corrosion.
  • Replacement of fittings and cleaning of the dish & feed assembly as needed.
  • Inspection of the ground wire connections & ground rod.
  • Verify that the mount is secure and there is nothing interfering with line of site.

Standard Onsite Maintenance and Premium Onsite Maintenance do not include any of the following services:

  • Maintenance, repair, or replacement of parts damaged or lost through theft, misuse, fault, or negligence of the customer, or causes external to the equipment, including, but not limited to, failure of, or faulty, electrical power or air conditioning, operator error, failure or malfunction of data communication equipment not provided to customer by Skycasters, or from any cause other than intended and ordinary use.
  • Changes, modifications, or alterations in or to the equipment by anyone other than a certified and approved 2-way VSAT installer.
  • Changes, modifications, or alterations other than VSAT-approved upgrades and configuration changes.
  • De-installation, relocation, or removal of the equipment or any accessories, attachments, or other devices.

Service Coverage

In the event of a problem, Skycasters support personnel will determine the problem and isolate the fault. Once the problem has been isolated, Skycasters support personnel will coordinate your Skycasters repair and process the claim on your behalf.


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