True Broadband Satellite Internet Powered By VSAT Systems

Skycasters NOC iDirect controller racksSkycasters’ broadband satellite Internet services are powered by VSAT Satellite Systems, which offers the award-winning satellite Internet equipment and VSATtooltip platform. Skycasters has purchased dedicated satellite gateways, manufactured by iDirect®, and has interconnected them with Skycasters’ routers and servers. This equipment is all located in Akron, Ohio at our network operations center. Skycasters can assign its customers to various gateways, keeping control of the number of subscribers per gateway and avoiding the problems associated with providers who oversubscribe their networks.

In addition to the increased performance and flexibility offered by our dedicated facilities, Skycasters only sells true broadband satellite Internet. This means our customers are assured of faster satellite Internet service, more concurrent users and more TCP/IP connections than a consumer service can provide.

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