Optimize Your Remote Network

Satellite Internet protocols optimize your system so you can enjoy high-speed performance similar to T-1, DSL or cable. Unlike those land-based systems, however, satellite services are not susceptible to local infrastructure failures. This means the Internet will be there to keep you in business, despite power outages or natural disasters that could otherwise keep you out of business for days or even weeks.

Skycasters high-speed satellite Internet protocols support numerous TCP/IP Internet applications like email, web browsing, two-way video conferencing, satellite Internet VoIP and RoIP, and satellite Internet streaming video, all at speeds that are faster than any other provider.

Get Service Virtually Anywhere in the Western Hemisphere

Skycasters supports TCP/IP by providing bandwidth on two geostationary satellites – T11N and E113WA – to support service virtually everywhere across the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. Skycasters satellite Internet protocols allow you to share information securely on VPNs (virtual private networks) and create private IP networks with encryption that satisfies even the most-security conscious federal agencies.

IP Protocols with Acceleration for Reduced Latency

Providing high-speed broadband service to a remote location has its challenges. Satellite Internet Latencytooltip can be an issue when it comes to high performance networking. While this may be true, latency is an issue for all networks and every type of Internet connection. The difference is how much latency is added by the provider.

At Skycasters, we own our infrastructure and built our broadband service from the ground up for IP services. We do not oversubscribe our network, like other providers do. We also incorporate core-switching technology into our all-Cisco backbone. Finally, we use the latest in acceleration technology to support TCP/IP applications. High efficiency TCP acceleration and accelerated TCP handshake enhance performance to make multi-megabit speeds possible over a satellite connection while mitigating the effects of latency.

Skycasters service is asymmetrical, meaning that around 80% of the bandwidth is allocated towards download traffic with the remaining balance allocated for uploads—the typical traffic pattern used in most applications. Our high performance iDirect® Premium Metered service options support users that wish to use high-speed upload applications camera surveillance, webinars, and RoIP Custom upload/download ratios are available upon request.

There are known latency-affected applications including interactive gaming and most non-TCP/IP applications. Examples:

  • UDP – a protocol that cannot be accelerated because it is not a connection-based protocol.
  • NetBIOS – a LAN technology that cannot be accelerated. NetBIOS was not designed to function in a WAN environment and will function slowly over satellite.
  • Drive-mapping is not supported over satellite except through a VPNtooltip tunnel.
  • RDP (Citrix) and RCP (Exchange) can also be slow over a satellite connection.

Generally, applications that require client software loaded at the remote site can have issues with satellite connections unless adjustments are made at both the client and server end. These types of applications need to be evaluated individually by checking with the manufacturer to determine the effects of latency on the particular application. You can also check with us, as we have experience optimizing many applications for operation in a satellite environment. Remote locations that rely on extended networks should consider co-locating their server in our data center and remotely managing their network over the satellite link.

Let Skycasters Create IP Protocols for Your Networking Needs

When you contact Skycasters, we will take the time to get to know you, your business, and how you want to communicate with your customers, employees, and other audiences. Before long, you’ll know exactly how our satellite Internet protocols can optimize your Internet applications.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.