Skycasters Provides a Point-To-Multipoint Solution via Satellite

Point-to-Multipoint Network Overview

Learn how Skycasters’ satellite based point-to-multipoint (PTMP) can bring broadband service to hundreds or even thousands of end users on a single shared platform. Get a basic introduction to how PTMP works, along with a technical PTMP diagram of the point-to-multipoint solution. Learn more about point-to-multipoint via satellite Internet.

PTMP Solution for Communities

The Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) solution is the most important infrastructure project since the TVA. Learn how a PTMP system from Skycasters can provide universal broadband access to your entire community from a single WiMAX tower using a wireless point-to-multipoint solution. We can turn this dream into a reality in about 90 days. Learn about PTMP for remote communities.

PTMP Solution for Travel Destinations

Private Resorts. Eco-Tourism Destinations. Parks. Mountaintop Getaways. The allure of these places is their remote location and unspoiled beauty – not the kind of place you find fiber lines and cell towers. But the reality is your guests need PTMP high speed Internet access, or they won’t come. Our wireless point-to-multipoint network solution delivers. Learn about resort broadband from Skycasters.

PTMP Solution for Internet Cafés

Internet cafés have the greatest popularity in areas where broadband availability is the lowest. The best place for an Internet café business is where there is no other broadband available. The problem for the cybercafé owner, of course, is how to get the broadband to the café. Talk to Skycasters about the PTMP network – not only can we deliver the Internet, but it comes with a complete back office billing and user administration system. Learn how to get satellite Internet for your remote café.


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