Introduction to Skycasters Point-To-Multipoint Solutions Shared Satellite Internet Service

What is Point-To-Multipoint (PTMP)?

Point-to-multipoint solutions are a way of allowing multiple users to share a single Skycasters satellite dish and satellite Internet connection. The point-to-multipoint connection can be shared using a variety of distribution architectures, from a wired network that covers a single building, to WiMAX networks that cover 25 square miles. In a PTMP model, each end user is accounted for and billed separately.

How Does It Work?

Point-to-multipoint solutions require a network for the end users. This may be a wired network of a handful of computers in a café, a wireless network covering a few acres of a park or resort, or WiMAX networks that covers every home and business within a 3-5 mile radius of the tower.

This network connects the end users to a central Skycasters satellite Internet antenna. That high-capacity antenna communicates with the Skycasters Network Operations Center, where the Skycasters PTMP cluster is located.

When the end user accesses the Internet, they are first taken to a secure login and payment processing server within our PTMP cluster. This server takes payments, allows the user to administer their account, and authenticates the user. At that point the user is connected to the US Internet backbone through Skycasters’ high capacity fiber connections.

Technical Specifications

The Skycasters PTMP solution consists of an end user distribution network, a central antenna for communicating with the teleport, and a cluster of servers that manage user accounts. See how it all fits together.


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