Universal Broadband Internet Availability is a Key Part of 21st Century Infrastructure

Providing Community Internet Access Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. In Fact, We Can Do It in About 90 Days.

Economic progress for any community requires access to the infrastructure of the time. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, rail lines and telegraph wires brought the information of the day and enabled the commerce of the community. In the 1900’s, we saw telephones in every home, and electric lights in every community. The Internet is essential to 21st century infrastructure, and there is no greater economic engine on the planet.

Yet, there are entire communities that are without 21st century infrastructure. Not the huge metropolitan areas – there’s plenty of Internet there (along with the economic benefits it brings). We’re talking about small towns and communities throughout our nation. More and more, these areas are being placed at an educational and economic disadvantage because they lack community broadband satellite Internet access.

It’s easy to place blame on the telecommunications giants. They are spending billions of dollars upgrading fiber service in the big cities, competing with each other to bring ever increasing capacity to individuals and businesses alike. But when you ask them about how much they are investing to provide broadband to small town America, they stare at their shoes and mumble a lot.

PTMP Satellite Communities Overview

You’ve talked to them – you know. They have plenty of fancy charts and graphics that demonstrate the cost of extending the fiber backbone an additional so many miles to your community will cost so many millions of dollars. They remind you that given the number of potential customers, the return on their community Internet investment would be measured not in months or years, but in decades. Even if you offer to raise the money to pay for the build, they tell you it will take years to provide community broadband. It’s enough to frustrate anyone.

There’s a better community Internet solution, and one that you can implement right now. Contact Skycasters, and we’ll install a point-to-multipoint solution that feeds a WiMAX distribution tower. Every citizen in a 25 square miles area will have access to broadband Internet. And we can provide broadband in as little as 90 days.

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