Skycasters PTMP Customized Solution for Your Community

You know your community better than we do. You know what they like. You know what they hate. Most importantly, you know the type of satellite Internet access solutions that will meet their needs. Skycasters offers customized Internet solutions for every situation.

We offer dozens of rate plans that you can choose from. Each rate plan offers a different level of service credit for the community. This creates a customized solution that best fits your needs. You can use these credits to provide access to emergency response crews, governmental offices, charities or schools.

B8_A_PTMP_Satellite_Communities_CustomizedThe Skycasters point-to-multipoint (PTMP) solution also allows you to create tailored plans and issue pre-paid cards for Internet access. You can provide these cards to disadvantaged community members, or as part of an educational outreach program. These cards can be purchased directly by the community, or with service credits issued by Skycasters.

There may be federal grant or loan money available that you can use to help subsidize the costs of building a Skycasters PTMP customized solution.

Work with Us to Find a Customized Solution for Your Community

Call 1-800-268-8653 or email a Skycasters expert by clicking here. A sales engineer will work with you to create customized Internet solutions for your community.

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