Skycasters Point-To-Multipoint (PTMP) Can Create a WiMAX Community

Full Interoperability

The Skycasters PTMP solution provides full interoperability with any community distribution architecture; WiMAX is only one of many solutions available. The first step is to select a suitable site location for your WiMAX community distribution hub. We’ll help you determine the best location, but typically high ground is optimal. However, if you already own a site, we’ll try to work with what you have to speed deployment and minimize costs. The community hub has three key components that have full interoperability with your distribution architecture: the Skycasters WiMAX tower, the satellite backhaul antenna, and an electronics enclosure.


The Skycasters WiMAX tower will be between 120’ and 250’ tall, depending on the terrain and the area you wish to serve. Generally speaking, the taller the tower, the larger the coverage area (but the terrain will be a significant factor). The tower will have several WiMAX antennas mounted near the top of the tower and positioned to provide optimal coverage for the surrounding area.

The satellite backhaul antenna will be mounted on a permanent mount near ground level. Typical satellite backhaul antennas will be either 1.8m or 2.4m in diameter, and use a 6w-8w BUC for transmission back to Skycasters NOC. Space and budget permitting, a second backhaul antenna can be installed for redundancy. The WiMAX community hub will typically be enclosed in a privacy fence to keep non-technical personnel a safe distance away from the antenna while it is operating.

The electronics enclosure may be an existing structure or a purpose built building. Obviously, if we can locate the community hub adjacent to an appropriate existing structure, we can save time and money in the construction of the hub. The electronics enclosure requires proper environmental controls, as well as adequate power and power backup. The WiMAX transmission equipment will be housed in the enclosure, along with the satellite modem and interconnect routers. Your free WiMAX community web server will be located in this enclosure as well.

Your community may wish to allow other businesses to co-locate their servers in this enclosure for direct access to the WiMAX community network and the subscriber base.

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