Skycasters PTMP Provides Local Business Internet

Stimulate Your Local Economy

Our point-to-multipoint solutions for communities include a free community news website, with free unlimited access for all citizens. The server for this website is located in your community distribution hub. We recommend that you take advantage of this free website to post news items of local interest, weather reports, local economy updates, etc. You may want to solicit the editor of your local newspaper to manage the site. Bits and bytes are far cheaper than paper and ink, and community members can access the site for free – even if they don’t sign up for Internet access.

B7_A_PTMP_Satellite_Communities_Local_EconomyOther businesses can take advantage of your community wide distribution network, too. Consider letting your local phone company run a VoIP PBX in your community hub. By using the WiMAX infrastructure, they can provide satellite Internet VoIP service anywhere in the footprint using the local business Internet. The VoIP phone would be portable, to – move across town, and you take your phone and your number with you.

Use Local Business Internet As Part Of Your Community’s Economy Stimulus Plan

Your local video rental store may get a new lease on life as well. Consider allowing them to co-locate a Video on Demand server in the community hub. Members of the online video store would be able to download movies on demand, directly through the WiMAX infrastructure.

Citizens can access the “local” video store or VoIP phone service even if they don’t purchase Internet access from Skycasters.

Take the First Step to Improve Your Local Economy and Community Infrastructure.

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