Peace of Mind for Your PTMP – The Maintenance Escrow Program

A Skycasters Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) solution is an important part of your communities’ infrastructure, not unlike roads, bridges and water pipes. And just like these other pieces of vital infrastructure, your PTMP solution will require periodic maintenance, not to mention the occasional part or two. We’ve created a preventative maintenance program to help your community pay these expenses.


In order to help make sure there are funds available, we have created a maintenance escrow program. Skycasters sets aside part of your earned credits each month into your maintenance escrow account. Typically, the Skycasters escrow contribution is one thousand dollars each month, until the fund reaches ten thousand dollars. When maintenance is needed, it is paid for out of this fund (with full oversight and approval from your community). When the fund dips below ten thousand dollars, it will be replenished from the monthly credit account.

Based on the maintenance history of each site, escrow requirements may be changed from time to time. Your community does not have to fund the maintenance escrow through deductions from the monthly credit account, but may instead fund the maintenance escrow directly. You also have the option of opting out of the maintenance escrow program.

Join Our Preventative Maintenance Program and Create a Skycasters Escrow Account.

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