Obsolescence Protection with Every Skycasters Point-To-Multipoint (PTMP) Solution

Ability to Recycle Equipment Equals Obsolescence Protection.

When we say our PTMP solution is 100% recyclable, it’s not just our way of saying Skycasters is going green (which we are). We mean that your investment in WiMAX infrastructure will allow you to recycle equipment, even when the next best thing comes along.

It may take years before fiber comes to your community. But when it does, you’ll be ready — because we’ve designed your community distribution infrastructure to be a 100% reusable WiMAX network. Just bring the fiber into your community distribution hub, and tie it into your WiMAX network.

And just in case there are any problems with the fiber connection – don’t worry. The Skycasters satellite antenna remains on site as a backup PTMP solution. We call it obsolescence protection, and it’s only from Skycasters.

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