Skycasters Point-To-Multipoint (PTMP) Turnkey Solution for Community Internet Access

Skycasters provides a complete turnkey solution, tailored to meet the individual needs of your community. We don’t ask that you become an expert in satellite Internet access, distribution architectures, or administration/back office servers. We provide a simple, one call turnkey Internet solution to bring access to your community.

B2_A_PTMP_Satellite_Communities_Turnkey SolutionSkycasters provides literature explaining the community Internet access program for distribution to the citizens of your community. We handle distribution of the end user equipment to customers for you, if you would like. With Skycasters’ turnkey business solution, all billing and administration of end user accounts is processed on our servers – there is no extra hardware at your location. We handle the credit card transactions directly with the end user.

Plus, for each end user account, your community automatically receives monthly credits. These credits can be used to provide access to police, fire, EMS, governmental offices, or to disadvantaged community members.

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