Skycasters PTMP Provides Internet to Any Fixed or Wireless Distribution Architecture

Full Interoperability

The Skycasters Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) solution is fully compatible with any distribution architecture you choose to deploy at your location; although most cafés will use a mix of fixed (wired) and wireless (Wi-Fi) provide access to their customers.

The first step is to select site for your satellite backhaul antenna. The satellite backhaul antenna will be mounted on a permanent mount near ground level, or on a flat roof of your café building. If mounted near the ground, the antenna should be enclosed in a privacy fence to keep people a safe distance away from the antenna during operation.

A typical café backhaul antenna will be either 1.2m or 1.8m in diameter, PTMP Satellite Internet Cafe Interoperabilityand use a 6w BUC. The backhaul antenna communicates with the Skycasters NOC. Space and budget permitting, a second backhaul antenna can be installed for redundancy.

While the dish is outside, the satellite modem will be located indoors, along with the equipment required to interconnect with your local distribution architecture. The building where the modem and electronics are housed should have proper environmental controls, as well as adequate power and power backup.

You will probably want to run a fixed (wired) network via Ethernet cables to each customer kiosk. In addition, most cafés like to provide wireless access to the Internet as well. Wireless antennas typically have about a 1000 foot (300m) range – less through walls. If you are trying to provide service inside buildings, you can usually assume two antennas per floor. For exterior spaces, one or two antennas are often sufficient.

Relax. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Skycasters will help you plan it, design it and get it installed.


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