PTMP Internet from Skycasters – the Perfect Foundation for Your Internet Café

The Internet café is a proven business model throughout the world. And it’s not a complicated one, either. Find customers that need Internet access, and provide it to them on a paid access basis. Sounds easy enough. You can secure premises, get the computers, do a little advertising. Maybe even brew up some fresh coffee.

But how are you going to administer your customer accounts? Make sure that everyone has paid? Make sure that each user is paying for what they’re getting – because after all, reading text emails doesn’t require as much Internet as downloading music or movies. It’s these heavy users that bog down the connection for everyone else, but how do you make sure they pay their fair share?

Skycasters Can Help

PTMP Satellite Internet Cafe Build BusinessWe provide a complete technology foundation upon which to build your Internet café business. We provide the back-office to administer customer accounts, including logins, passwords, payments, etc. And we provide a metered service, so your heavy users get charged appropriately, and your email readers don’t pay for more access than they need.

If you’re ready to get started with a satellite Internet broadband solution, contact us today. You can be in business sooner than you thought possible.

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