Peace of Mind for Your Café – The Maintenance Escrow Program

A Skycasters Point-to-Multipoint Solution is the heart of your business. To keep it performing properly, your PTMP satellite Internet solution will require periodic maintenance. You will also have the expense of parts, once the warranty period expires. As the café owner, you are responsible for these expenses.PTMP Satellite Internet Cafe Maintenance Escrow

In order to help make sure there are maintenance funds available, we set aside part of your revenue each month and put it into a maintenance escrow fund. For most sites, the monthly escrow contribution is three hundred dollars, until the fund balance reaches three thousand dollars. When maintenance is required (parts or labor), it is paid for out of this fund. You have full oversight and approval, of course – after all, it’s your money.

When the maintenance fund is used, it will be replenished from your share of the monthly revenue. Based on the maintenance history of your site, escrow requirements may be changed from time to time.

PTMP Satellite Internet Cafe Maintenance EscrowYou are not required to fund the maintenance escrow through deductions from your share of the revenue – you can supply the fund via check or wire transfer.

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