Skycasters Point-To-Multipoint (PTMP) for Mobile Internet Cafés

Mobile Cafe
Sometimes the pursuit of customers takes you off the beaten path. Every feature of our fixed site PTMP solution is available to go mobile as well. So, if your business model includes building a café on wheels, we have just the answer for you.

Start with a rugged C-Com iNetVu auto-pointing antenna system, available in .98m, or 1.2m diameter. Mount this antenna on a bus or utility trailer, and equip the inside with computer stations. Take the Internet to your customers, and be fully deployed within 5 minutes of arriving at your new location.

PTMP Satellite Internet Cafe Trailer You can also go minimalist, with a pay-for-use wireless hot spot. Our self-contained utility trailer fits the bill. Tow it to your destination, connect to power or start the generator, and fit the “find satellite” button. Deploy the twin omni-directional wireless antennas, and you’re ready for business.

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