Your Point-To-Multipoint (PTMP) Investment is Protected with Skycasters

100% Recyclability Means Obsolescence Protection

Our Point-to-Multipoint wireless Internet solution is 100% Recyclable. It’s not just our way of saying Skycasters is going green (which we are), but it also means your investment is protected from obsolescence.

Let Us Explain

Even our legendary Skycasters performance cant PTMP Satellite Internet Cafe Recyclabilityequal fiber. Fair enough. One day fiber (or some other, newer, backhaul technology) will arrive at your café. When it does, you’ll be ready. Skycasters will work with you to design a site infrastructure that’s 100% reusable. Your infrastructure investment won’t be rendered obsolete as alternate solutions become available.

And if there are any problems with the fiber connection – don’t worry. The Skycasters satellite antenna remains on site as a backup. Now that’s Obsolescence Protection, and it’s only from Skycasters.

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