What is a PTMP (Point-To-Multipoint) System via Satellite?

A point-to-multipoint system allows multiple users to be connected to the Internet through a single Skycasters satellite dish. Each end user is identified and tracked separately in the point-to-multipoint system, which allows us to administer each individually.

The PTMP wireless methodology is useful in a variety of applications. A community that is otherwise “off the grid” and without high speed satellite Internet access is no longer beholden to the telco giants and their fiber build schedule. This system can be paired with a PTMP Wi-Fi or PTMP WiMAX distribution tower to provide broadband to the entire community and surrounding area. PTMP Remote Communities.

A hotel or resort operator may wish to provide Internet access to their guests, using an Ethernet connection in each room, or with a PTMP Wi-Fi system throughout the facility. Resort Broadband.

The owner of an Internet Café can use a Skycasters PTMP wireless system to simplify operations, with Skycasters handling the back office, user account administration, and billing. Remote Café.

Best of all, because our PTMP wireless models use the Skycasters satellite network for backhaul, we can deploy practically anywhere – and fast. For those of you who still have questions on what is PTMP, contact our sales team at 1-800-268-8653 or click here to fill out a contact form.

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