The Location Of Your Business Shouldn’t Limit Your Possibilities.

Businesses in rural areas often have limited access to adequate communication. But the bottom line is, you still need a flexible, reliable, affordable and fast Internet connection to compete in today’s marketplace. Thankfully, there’s Skycasters.Remote_A-ocean-oil-rig

We offer a variety of fixed-unit satellite dishes that meet the needs of even the most remote businesses. Unlike our competition, every component of the Skycasters network is business-grade. Which means the equipment in our system can handle any environment. And our network can handle virtually any application including video conferencing, VPN, VoIP, streaming video and more. Whether you need a system that can handle large amounts of data or be completely mobile, Skycasters has a solution for you.

Skycasters dishes are installed in jungles
Take a peek at some of our most popular fixed-unit systems for remote businesses. Or call 1-800-268-8653 to have a Skycasters expert help customize a solution just for you.

Depending on your performance requirements, we will recommend antennas ranging from 1.2-meter–1.8-meter, with either a 2w, 3w or 6w transmitter (BUC). We can pair those outdoor options with a robust iDirect® satellite router, typically either an X3 or X5 modem.

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