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Associate RF Engineer Assists Growing Teleport

Akron, Ohio – August 4, 2010 Eight years as SATCOM asset maintenance supervisor in the Marine Corps in Okinawa and Camp Pendleton, California, and Matthew McCann is jumping right into assisting at one of northeast Ohio’s fastest growing satellite communications teleports. If Matt’s first days on the job are any indication, his hands will be […]

Skycasters Welcomes Marketing Coordinator Jaclyn Russo

Akron, Ohio – June 24, 2010 Skycasters is pleased to welcome its new Marketing Coordinator, Jaclyn Russo, a 2010 graduate of Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a Marketing Specialization. “We were thrilled when we found out that Jackie was from BGSU,” Mike Kister, a […]

Matthew Vasko, Sales Engineer, Joins Skycasters

Akron, Ohio – June 17, 2010 Skycasters is pleased to welcome Matt Vasko as sales engineer. A 2010 graduate of Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, 2010 semi-finalist in the National Collegiate Sales Competition, and a summer and winter holiday intern at Skycasters, Matthew has both excellent credentials in sales, as well as experience […]

Skycasters Figures Out How to Say “Yes”

Akron, Ohio – May 24, 2010 For the third year running, Skycasters is among middle-market businesses awarded with the prestigious 2010 Crain’s Leading EDGE Award. Kirk Neiswander, President of The Entrepreneurs EDGE, said, “In arguably one of the worst economic downturns experienced in a lifetime, middle-market companies may very well be the antidote for an […]

Indiana DHS Takes Skycasters to the 2010 NCAA Final Four

Akron, Ohio – April 5, 2010 Fans at this weekend’s Final Four NCAA playoffs in Indianapolis, Indiana, have been under the watchful eye of the many behind the scenes safety personnel, including the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. Skycasters’ satellite broadband Internet service will provide IDHS’ connection assistance. For the second time in four years, […]

Got a Tornado Proof Shelter? Got an MST in There?

Akron, Ohio – March 31, 2010 Tornado season starts January 1st, and ends December 31st. There’s no time of the year a tornado is not possible. That being said, spring and summer are when most tornados occur across the USA. While most citizens take the “chance” (any given spot in the US has a greater […]

Need 15 to 100 Gigabytes Throughput This Month? We’ve Got It.

Akron, Ohio – March 18, 2010 Energy companies, horse racing venues, technology consultants, departments of Homeland Security, and resorts are examples of your typical mid-sized organization. Skycasters customers who require 15 to 100 gigabytes of data throughput each month are just this type of organization. Nothing remarkable, other than the fact that they’re remote (or […]

A First Responder Must-Have: The Installation Consumables Kit

Akron, Ohio – January 29, 2010 Picture this: you’re arriving in country by military transport. The once thriving metropolis has been nearly leveled by whatever disaster: hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, cyclone, terrorist – you name it. Quite naturally, events that shatter buildings and lives also decimate the communications infrastructure. Skycasters customers in such areas, be they […]

PowerStream Partners with Skycasters for Streaming “Gettysburg Address”

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – November 20, 2009 Read here the press release from PowerStream, of Troy, Michigan, announcing their technology partnership with Skycasters yesterday morning, prior to their streaming of the delivery of the Gettysburg Address at Dedication Day in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on the 146th anniversary of President Lincoln’s address. 2009 is the 200th anniversary of […]

Tripod Flyaway Helps Kentucky Treat Citizens Fast

Akron, Ohio – October 9, 2009 The Kentucky Department for Public Health’s Preparedness Branch can now transmit public health information anywhere a truck or helicopter can reach — with a satellite dish. But not just any satellite dish. This Skycasters 1.2 meter auto-pointing dish finds the satellite on its own. One person can take the […]


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