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Akron, OH (PRNewswire) February 7, 2012 – January marked the official launch of Skycasters’ 1.8m trailer, making it the largest such satellite Internet system released by the industry leaders to date. Engineered to be fast, tough and smart, Skycasters mobile satellite communications trailers can be easily transported to remote locations and establish a communications link in less than ten minutes.

Skycasters is a leading satellite internet company headquartered in Akron, Ohio. They provide solutions for emergency communications, remote businesses, broadband connectivity, telemedicine and business continuity.

Mobile satellite communications trailers are self-contained auto-pointing units. They use scalable electronics and integrated Wi/Fi for versatility. These units are a superior communications choice for emergency response, construction sites, and even remote mining camps. For situations that require reliable, powerful satellite communications, these trailers from Skycasters are ideal solutions.

The newest trailer launch marks the largest design Skycasters has built thus far. The technical specifications of the Skycasters trailer reveal the 1.8m is a unique piece of engineering which can be custom built for customers. The 1.8m trailer can accommodate a larger satellite dish and up to a 3000 Watt Honda generator. Wi/Fi, RoIP, VoIP, wireless mesh, video surveillance, microcell, PTMP, cellular backhaul and SCADA are just a few of the applications that can be used with the 1.8m mobile satellite trailer.

Skycasters also manufactures a 1.2m trailer that comes equipped with two 8 dbi Wi/Fi antennas. The 1.8m trailer recently launched has one 15 dbi Wi/Fi antenna. This has a much higher pole which helps to extend the range of the wireless router for optimal performance. Mobile satellite Internet connectivity can be established in as little as ten minutes, and as simply as pushing a button.

The 1.8 trailer is towable with a medium sized vehicle and has plenty of extra storage in the rear utility box due to increased width of the trailer deck (82 inches) if needed. The electronics box of the trailer can also come with removable plugs. Both the 1.2m and 1.8m trailers have a 2 inch coupler on the tongue of the trailer.

Powered by the award winning iDirect VSAT platform, Skycasters provides satellite internet,emergency communications equipment, data and VPN services. They provide services to commercial, non-profit, educational and government customers throughout North and Central America. For more information call 800-268-8653 or visit

About Skycasters:

Skycasters prides itself on bringing affordable broadband satellite Internet access, satellite VPNs, corporate data services, as well as mobile and international satellite Internet to a variety of industries and customers across North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. They also offer more specialized services for higher levels of satellite Internet technology support, including clients such as the California National Guard, U.S. Air Force Survival School and FEMA.

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