Satellite Internet Connection

How do you travel nearly 90,000 miles in less than a second? Let us explain.

Skycasters uses commercial satellite Internet connections as a high-speed digital link between customers and the U.S. Internet backbone.

How the Internet Connection Works Over Satellite

How Satellite Internet Works

Reliable High-Speed Satellite Internet Connection

Whether your need is for disaster response, business continuity, primary connectivity, or telemedicine, Skycasters-the world’s leading provider of broadband satellite Internet service-has the most flexible, customizable, and multi-price-point service available to meet your needs.

Company-owned and commercial-grade, Skycasters provides a satellite broadband connection to businesses and GSA government users. The equipment at the network operations center (NOC) in Akron, Ohio and at customer locations is business-grade. And because Skycasters offers guaranteed speeds, you get the speed you need and low-latency data transmissions with incomparable reliability.

Skycasters offers satellite ISP (Internet Service Provider) service through three geostationary satellites – T11N, G28 and SES3-for a combined Ku band coverage area that extends across the continental U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

Disaster response connectivity

When disaster strikes, communication failure is not an option. The local infrastructure is subject to lines going down, and when they go down, so does your Internet connection which can compromise operations.

With a high-speed satellite Internet connection, you don’t have to rely on local landlines. Plus our systems are highly mobile and can be set up quickly, giving your disaster response personnel an Internet connection via satellite for mobile cell service or Wi-Fi in 10 minutes.

High-Speed Business Continuity

Skycasters provides service that keeps your business running at all times with redundant Internet access. When one link goes down, you get WAN/ISP failover that automatically switches your critical Internet traffic to your Skycasters connection. Meanwhile, QoS prioritization guarantees bandwidth to your most important applications.

Telemedicine–When Lives Are At Stake

Doctors are finding that medicine is taking them to rural and isolated locations where finding a high-speed Internet connection can be a challenge. Skycasters is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the communications links they need to reach medical professionals far away from their outposts or in a mobile clinic.

Skycasters VSAT Solutions

  • Stationary/mobile/portable
  • Telemedicine
  • Business continuity
  • VPNs
  • Educational sales/E-Rate
  • Video streaming
  • VoIP connection

GSA Contract Services

Skycasters provides service at a discounted rate to U.S. military and government agencies as a GSA contract holder, for a satellite connection at a special rate.

We Don’t Sell Boxes. We Sell Solutions.

There’s a reason we do not offer online ordering of our products. Some applications work better than others over a satellite Internet connection. Speak to one of our expert sales engineers who will customize the right plan for you.

For the most reliable Internet connection call Skycasters at 330-785-2100 or click here to fill out the contact form.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.