Satellite Internet in Alaska

On March 30, 1867, the United States purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire, making Alaska the largest state by land area at 663,268 square miles. As of 2009, Alaska remains the least densely populated state in the U.S. (an average of 1 person per square mile) with half of the total population, 686,293 people, living within the Anchorage metropolitan area.

But just because you live in Alaska doesn’t mean you can’t have reliable Internet access. With the option of using a satellite Internet provider, you can gain instant access without having to wait for all of your favorite web pages to load. Our Alaska Satellite Internet stays on all the time and allows you to surf the web up to fifty times faster than regular dial-up.

Alaska is the largest state in the U.S., more than twice the size of Texas. Its coastline is longer than that of all the other U.S. states combined, with nearly 34,000 miles of tidal shoreline. Alaska boasts more than three million lakes, with marshlands and permafrost covering almost 30% of the land area and glacier ice covering about 2%. The 100,000 glaciers in Alaska comprise half of the world’s glaciers.

Climate in Alaska is a changing game. The southern part of the state is categorized as a mid-latitude oceanic climate, and the northern part is a subarctic oceanic climate. On an annual basis, the panhandle of Alaska is the wettest and the warmest part of the state, with milder temperatures in the winter and high precipitation throughout the year. Juneau, Alaska’s capital, averages fifty inches of precipitation per year, although other areas of the state average more than 275 inches annually. South central Alaska, including Anchorage, being coastal, experiences a climate that’s mild relative to typical Alaskan standards. On average, Anchorage gets less rain and more snow, and days tend to be clearer.

Attempting to deliver reliable Internet service to Alaskans might cause other Internet service providers to sigh heavily and ask for a prolonged nap break but not Skycasters. We provide unique service plans tailored to your specific needs. Most Internet service providers cannot give you the same attention. Their dial-up service can be irritating and time-consuming. Save yourself the hassle of hooking up a second phone line by using Skycasters Alaska satellite Internet instead.

With satellite, you can check your email and browse the web, even in the most remote places where most people wouldn’t dare explore! Like Alaska, for example. Whether you’re living in Juneau, Yakutat, Sitka, or Port Alexander, Skycasters can offer you reliable satellite Internet. It’s a great and easy way to get the Internet service you need for your personal home office or desk at work. With this faster and quicker service, using VoIP, or transferring data files, pictures, and email has never been quicker.

Being so far removed from the continental U.S., Alaskans have more difficulty finding willing and dependable Internet service providers. From those who traverse the 663,268 square miles of Alaskan land in the bush air services to those in oil and gas exploration, Skycasters has a service plan for everyone. We understand that every individual has his or her own communication challenges, needs, and requirements. Our approach at Skycasters is much more flexible than the one-size-fits-all plans offered by many other broadband satellite Internet providers. We prefer to get to know you, your business, and how you want to communicate with your customers, employees, friends, and relatives before we recommend a system.

If you run a small business or home office from a remote location, you need quality broadband satellite Internet service designed specifically for commercial use. That’s why we’ve invested millions in our own commercial-grade satellite equipment to deliver unsurpassed power, speed and reliability. The Skycasters system is designed specifically to meet the challenges you face. From our multiple teleports on the ground to the VSAT dishes, Skycasters has a solution for you.

Whether your remote small business needs video conferencing, VPN, streaming video, the ability to handle large amounts of data, or to be completely mobile, Skycasters can design a VSAT system that’s right for you. We maintain an inventory of the most commonly needed parts to keep your business running with maximum productivity.

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We at Skycasters know that reliable, fast, and affordable satellite Internet is crucial to your success in business and in life. As one of the brave 686,293 people living in Alaska, you deserve reliable, fast, and affordable Internet just as much as anyone else. That’s why Skycasters is committed to providing you with nothing but the best. That’s why we’re here 24/7 to deliver you the absolute best in IP-based satellite communications. And unlike our competitors, we never oversubscribe our network. Never – and that’s a promise.

And in the event of an equipment failure, outage, or even just scheduled maintenance, Skycasters offers you total peace of mind. We recently added a redundant 6.3M VertexRSI antenna system at our teleport as a backup for out two primary antennas. For even further protection, our teleport is connected to the U.S. Internet backbone through redundant fiber connections. This gives you connectivity with confidence. Even if you’re living outside the continental U.S., you can have confidence that your Internet service provider is backing up your connection.

So don’t let slow dial-up service get you down. And forget about dealing with cable companies that aren’t willing to work with you. Satellite Internet is simple to install, even for customers based in Alaska, so don’t waste another minute. Get it today and enjoy the convenience. No more waiting, just fast and easy service.

Please scroll down to view the county or parish, city and ZIP code of your location.

Notice: Due to the low angle of line-of-sight in Alaska, points North of 62° Latitude, & West of 142° Longitude, out to the foot print edge, are not practical to consider. Note also that this coverage limit is a Southwest Northeast trending line.

County City Zip Code Area Code Latitude Longitude
YAKUTAT YAKUTAT 99689 907 59.74337 -139.50295
SKAGWAY HOONAH ANGOON GUSTAVUS 99826 907 58.83673 -136.96814
SKAGWAY HOONAH ANGOON PELICAN 99832 907 57.95784 -136.11463
SKAGWAY HOONAH ANGOON ELFIN COVE 99825 907 58.12564 -135.9631
SKAGWAY HOONAH ANGOON HOONAH 99829 907 58.03118 -135.7407
SITKA SITKA 99835 907 57.08745 -135.49054
HAINES HAINES 99827 907 58.97151 -135.40915
SKAGWAY HOONAH ANGOON SKAGWAY 99840 907 59.5719 -135.35344
SKAGWAY HOONAH ANGOON TENAKEE SPRINGS 99841 907 57.83667 -135.13315
JUNEAU AUKE BAY 99821 907 58.3833 -134.6591
JUNEAU JUNEAU 99802 907 58.3016 -134.4194
JUNEAU JUNEAU 99803 907 58.3016 -134.4194
JUNEAU JUNEAU 99811 907 58.3016 -134.4194
JUNEAU JUNEAU 99850 907 58.3016 -134.4194
JUNEAU DOUGLAS 99824 907 58.27379 -134.40128
JUNEAU JUNEAU 99801 907 58.38011 -134.17753
JUNEAU JUNEAU 99812 907 58.4755 -134.1499
WRANGELL PETERSBURG KAKE 99830 907 56.96761 -133.93615
SKAGWAY HOONAH ANGOON ANGOON 99820 907 57.71263 -133.66973
WRANGELL PETERSBURG PORT ALEXANDER 99836 907 56.2477 -133.6438
PRINCE WALES KETCHIKAN POINT BAKER 99927 907 56.15132 -133.34899
WRANGELL PETERSBURG PETERSBURG 99833 907 56.7115 -133.13282
PRINCE WALES KETCHIKAN CRAIG 99921 907 55.4517 -132.99264
KETCHIKAN GATEWAY KETCHIKAN 99950 907 55.81586 -132.97985
PRINCE WALES KETCHIKAN KLAWOCK 99925 907 55.54979 -132.96755
PRINCE WALES KETCHIKAN COFFMAN COVE 99918 907 55.96332 -132.81454
PRINCE WALES KETCHIKAN HYDABURG 99922 907 55.09599 -132.61822
PRINCE WALES KETCHIKAN THORNE BAY 99919 907 55.65148 -132.54231
PRINCE WALES KETCHIKAN MEYERS CHUCK 99903 907 55.72323 -132.22952
WRANGELL PETERSBURG WRANGELL 99929 907 56.17995 -132.0304
KETCHIKAN GATEWAY WARD COVE 99928 907 55.4104 -131.7237
PRINCE WALES KETCHIKAN METLAKATLA 99926 907 55.14503 -131.54389
KETCHIKAN GATEWAY KETCHIKAN 99901 907 55.58369 -131.39303
PRINCE WALES KETCHIKAN HYDER 99923 907 55.5828 -131.11927


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