Web Acceleration

Improve Your Experience With Web Acceleration

Flexible, Affordable Acceleration Solutions

Skycasters’ network is designed to work with multiple industry-leading website acceleration solutions, including Acceleration Systems, Cisco and Riverbed.  These website acceleration solutions will improve your user experience and time management by reducing your data usage and creating faster response times. Skycasters’ network is also designed with the flexibility to support many deployment options and customer requirements. We can help you choose the right product and support for your particular needs.


A Better User Experience

Website acceleration technologies can help you get more out of your existing Internet connection, including faster browsing and file transfers. Reduced wait times can help you to be more efficient with your time. When your Internet connection works more efficiently, so can you.


Easy Set-Up And Administration

With Skycasters, implementation of your website acceleration solution can be “plug and play.” We can help you choose the right acceleration product and assist with implementation from end to end. Your remote-side client will be located at your Skycasters Internet Service location. Based on your needs, the server-side client can be housed at the Skycasters Data Center, in the cloud or at a corporate office.

Ongoing administration can be handled by Skycasters or by your own team, or a combination of both. This can include day-to-day maintenance, such as reviewing logs and reports, performing upgrades and tuning your solution for your particular needs.

Support is available 24/7 from the Skycasters headquarters in Akron, Ohio.


How It Works

Web acceleration involves several processes that reduce the amount of bandwidth required to transfer data, thereby speeding up the process and making better use of your time.

  • Header Compression
    When data travels across the Internet, it is sent in units called packets. Each packet has a header, which contains information about where that packet should go. Header compression simply compresses that information to reduce the size of the header. This reduces the total amount of data being sent over the Internet, so your connection is able to handle more.
  • Compression
    The act of compression reduces the overall size of files (not just packet headers). This further reduces the total amount of data traveling over the Skycasters network, so your connection can handle more — and transfer files faster.
  • Caching
    Web documents, such as HTML pages and images, can be temporarily stored by a process called caching. Since these documents do not need to be re-transferred over the Internet connection to be reviewed, the result is faster page load times and less data traveling over the connection. This frees up bandwidth for additional data.
  • Deduplication
    The process of deduplication is similar to caching in that it eliminates the need for duplicate data to be sent over your Internet connection. The difference is that it works on a more granular level, preventing the re-sending of smaller pieces of data. Deduplication can help reduce your data usage and improve your Internet speeds immediately.


Available Acceleration Solutions

Skycasters’ network can support today’s industry-leading acceleration solutions, including but not limited to the companies listed here.

  • Acceleration Systems   Acceleration Systems specializes in accelerating satellite connections. Established in 2014, their flagship solution, called ISAAC, utilizes multiple technologies including data deduplication, prioritization, caching, and data streamlining. Acceleration Systems offers cloud-based and virtual solutions, along with a hardware solution called Remote Business Accelerator. These flexible options make it quick and easy to add the acceleration functionality to virtually any network.
  • Cisco   Cisco is a popular network device and solution provider recognized as a leader in WAN Optimization on the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. Having started producing routers in 1984, Cisco has grown to be one of the top companies in sales in all networking hardware and software solutions. The brand offers a number of deployment options for acceleration solutions, including dedicated hardware, integrated as part of the ISR line of routers, and virtualized options. Cisco has recently partnered with Akamai to further enhance its acceleration offerings with more intelligent identification of Internet traffic.
  • Riverbed   Riverbed Technology is a trusted acceleration services provider that is recognized as a leader in WAN Optimization on the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. Its solutions include both hardware and virtual devices, and its systems are flexible and easy to deploy for networks of any design or size. Recently, Riverbed has announced partnerships with companies including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure for supported cloud deployments.

Improve your efficiency with these and other leading-edge technologies available through Skycasters. For more information and to discuss your specific needs, schedule a free consultation.


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