Linux and Macintosh Satellite Internet – We’re OS Agnostic.

Macintosh and Linux Satellite Internet

Frustrated with USB connections and systems that are designed for Windows? Do other satellite providers require software running on a Windows PC? Then you need the Skycasters iDirect® X3 system, the high-speed satellite Internet modem that’s 100% Macintosh compatible, Linux compatible, and any other IP enabled device compatible. It features an integrated Ethernet port on the back of the modem, so you can just plug in your computer or your router and get IP addresses to all your machines via DHCP. Finally, all operating systems can live in harmony.

  • Stand-alone Internet appliance
  • Embedded real time operating system
  • Standard Ethernet interface
  • No special software to load on any machines
  • Performance & configuration options

Skycasters is a Linux satellite Internet and Mac satellite Internet specialist—with Macintosh satellite Internet connections live in our 24/7 tech support center.

Skycasters works well with Linux                                                                                                                 Skycasters works well with Apple

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