Satellite Internet Providers

Here at Skycasters, we believe satellite Internet providers need to provide unique and dependable satellite solutions for every individual customer need. Skycasters is the only satellite Internet provider that takes a flexible approach to satellite Internet service. We never force customers into the one-size-fits-all type of plans that are pushed by other satellite Internet service providers. Instead, we prefer to get to know your organization, your people, and the communication capabilities you need before we make any recommendations. Custom-tailoring the perfect satellite service system for your company means we do a lot of listening before we say a single word.

Value, Performance, Flexibility

At Skycasters, we believe all Internet satellite providers should provide overwhelming value, performance beyond expectations, and customized solutions that provide the flexibility required by customers.

As an industry-leading satellite Internet service provider, Skycasters is a cut above the rest. In terms of value, only Skycasters promises a dedicated 110% bandwidth at least 90% of the time. Other providers don’t even come close. But then, we think you should get more than what you pay for.

In terms of performance, how many satellite Internet providers promise to never over-subscribe their satellite network, causing performance issues? Only Skycasters makes the customer-centric promise of providing the best performance in IP-based satellite communications, never over-subscribing, and delivering performance beyond expectations.

When it comes to flexibility, no other satellite Internet providers can say they offer TCP/IP protocol sending VoIPtooltip, streaming videotooltip, and video conferencingtooltip capabilities with provider-hosted VPNtooltip or VLANtooltip along with either or both fixed and mobile equipment. Neither can they offer all these services in tandem with a weatherized fleet of reliable, custom-built trailers. And no other satellite Internet providers maintain a lifeline connection to HQ in the middle of the Arctic tundra, Saharan desert, or on a platform way out in the Pacific Ocean. Only Skycasters has you covered.

Superior Customer Service – The Hallmark of Great Satellite Internet Providers

Most Internet providers claim to have great customer service, but only Skycasters delivers on providing superior customer service. We promise our customers that they will never have to speak to an outsourced customer service rep based in East Asia, nor deal with the beyond-frustrating computer auto-attendants. Only satellite Internet providers such as Skycasters provide 24/7 expert technical support from real, human, Skycasters staff that actually work at our offices right here in Akron, Ohio. And when you meet someone named “John” on a service call, you can trust that the service expert you are speaking with is truly named John, and that he is probably a legitimate Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns fan!

For administrative questions or to discuss plan options, our customer care experts are available Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm EST.

Skycasters: Reliable, State-of-the-Art-Facilities

Only when Skycasters is your choice of available service providers will you have complete peace of mind about your satellite connection. Our 6.3-meter VertexRSI antenna system at our Akron teleport is the backup broadcast and receiving system for our two primary antennas. The Skycasters teleport is further connected to the U.S. Internet backbone via redundant fiber-optic connections.

In terms of environmental conditions, we keep our data center at a constant 68°F with a purpose-built 7.5-ton HVAC system run closed loop, filtered, and humidity controlled. If the dedicated data center system goes offline, our primary building HVAC takes over automatically.

We also have redundant uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and two self-starting diesel-powered generators that provide for continuous operations at our Akron-based teleport, with 36 hours of fuel and priority replenishment delivery 24/7.

With backup teleport service through other service providers, Skycasters is prepared for the worst in the extremely unlikely event of complete environmental and power failure.

Skycasters, the Best of the Satellite Internet Providers

When you need the best of all satellite Internet providers, rely on Skycasters. We’re ready to fulfill your unique satellite connection needs with the most powerful technology, the most reliable infrastructure, and the highest performing, commercial-grade components and network capabilities. More than just another satellite Internet provider, Skycasters is the best in the biz.

Looking for disaster response or business continuity capabilities, or perhaps you only need Internet by satellite for occasional use? Contact Skycasters at 330-785-2100, or receive an online analysis of your mobile satellite Internet needs here. We’ll get you set up with the perfect satellite Internet plan from Skycasters.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.