Superior Satellite Internet Performance

Skycasters reliable bandwidth and assured CIR ensure flawless flowIf T-1, cable modem, or DSL service are not available in your area, you can still get the broadband performance your business needs to compete in today’s global marketplace. Skycasters offers lightning-fast satellite Internet speeds, granting your company the ability to surpass the competition.

Whether your business needs assistance with disaster recovery solutions, a backup Internet connection, primary connectivity, or healthcare telemedicine, Skycasters can get the job done. We pride ourselves on providing flexible, customizable, and multi-price-point plans available to meet your need for satellite Internet speeds and service. If you feel satellite internet is outside of your reach, look no further than Skycasters.

Skycasters’ satellite Internet equipment powers satellite Internet download speeds that support all of today’s high-performance networking needs. From sending emails, faxes, and VoIP to web browsing, file sharing, two-way video conferencing and streaming video, your most pressing business communications will occur at optimal speed.

Performance may be the single most important factor to consider when choosing an Internet service provider (ISP). Instead of the traditional “up to” speeds like many other providers cite, Skycasters guarantee speedstooltip. With low-latency and jitter transmission, our network is also cleaner than residential service providers’ and is better suited to handle the demands of today’s competitive businesses and first responders.

Since we have two redundant connections directly communicating with the U.S. Internet backbone, there are fewer points of potential failure or congestion. By reducing the risk of interruptions as much as possible, Skycasters offers you more communications solutions than any other provider. We provide this guarantee speed with every VSAT service plan.

Skycasters broadband satellite Internet speeds are among the fastest and most reliable in the industry – period.

The Skycasters Difference

How can we do what others can’t? The answer is simple: we own our own network.

While many satellite providers rent teleport space or bandwidth from a network operator and then resell that bandwidth to the end user, Skycasters is its own network operator. This allows us to directly monitor the network, physically fix any hardware malfunctions on-site, and prevent common issues such as oversubscribing.

We maintain a high level of reliability and broadband satellite Internet performance for our customers that remains unmatched by other ISPs. Only Skycasters can also offer, in combination with everything else, dedicated bandwidth services and plans specific to the needs of each customer.

To start getting Skycasters satellite Internet download speeds for your business networking needs, contact a sales engineer or learn more about our service plans here.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.