Satellite Internet Reliability 99.44%

Skycasters experience - the best equipment gives the best service

For satellite Internet reliability, Skycasters is the industry leader in both quality and satisfaction. Skycasters provides the most reliable system available with a best-effort service that posts historic satellite Internet reliability in the range of 99.44% (not including regularly scheduled maintenance)*. Maintaining this high percentage has put Skycasters’ satellite Internet reliability rating in line with leading terrestrial solutions, such as DSL and cable.

In the event of Internet outages, the Skycasters average MTR (mean time to repair) is under 30 minutes, making it a more reliable system than terrestrial options. Needing to rely on complicated networks of interconnected routers and many miles of copper, fiber, or COAX cables inhibits land-based services from reaching the level of Skycasters’ service. Since our response times easily surpasses the average MTR intervals of DSL and Cable, you can rest assured that even during disaster recovery nothing will stand in your way.

What Makes Satellite Internet Such a Reliable System?

  • We offer a direct connection to the U.S. Internet backbonetooltip from virtually anywhere in the western hemisphere, meaning fewer points of potential failure or congestion.
  • Our geostationary satellites are more reliable because they are not vulnerable to “local loop” infrastructure failures, like landlines are.
  • Due to the years a satellite will spend in service and the expense of putting a complicated piece of technology into orbit, satellites are designed with multiple layers of redundancy and backup systems, resulting in almost no downtime and extremely high reliability.

What Sets Skycasters Apart?

  • We partner with Telesat, Intelsat, and Eutelsat, companies which own and operate the spacecraft we communicate through. Their networks are designed to the absolute highest level of redundancy and satellite Internet reliability to provide you with excellent and dependable coverage and service.
  • Our network operations centertooltip (NOC) uses multiple diverse antenna configurations, redundant routers and power supplies, and is connected directly into multiple Tier 1 Internet backbone providers via diverse physical paths for the most reliable system available.

What About Rain Fade and Sun Outages?

While broadband satellite Internet is the most reliable system you will find, it is still mildly susceptible to rain fade and sun outages. Rain fade occurs when a temporary “wall” of water comes between the satellite in space and the satellite Internet dish on the ground, and accounts for a maximum of 8-10 Internet outages per year on the East coast. Other parts of the country may have different results.

Satellite Internet reliability is also affected by sun outages, which occur twice a year. When the orbit of the satellite around the Earth and the orbit of the Earth around the sun align in such a way as to place the sun directly behind the satellite, the satellite Internet dish is overwhelmed and temporarily “blinded”.

Skycasters has gone to great lengths to increase satellite Internet reliability by minimizing the effects of rain fade and sun outages through investing in our infrastructure. Our satellite Internet dishes are larger, our transmitters more powerful, and we’ve incorporated other business-grade equipment throughout our network to make Skycasters the most reliable satellite Internet system available.

* – Link availability is dependent upon location within the satellite footprint, customer premises equipment, etc., and varies between 99.27% and 99.94%. Please discuss link budget analysis with your sales representative.


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