Satellite Internet Streaming

Satellite Internet Streaming for Live Video? Absolutely!

Skycasters has provided satellite Internet streaming to help production companies throughout the U.S. stream live video from their events—and we can help you, too. Whether you need to upload or download live streaming video, Skycasters is a live video streaming service provider that has a plan for you.

What’s more, unlike other providers that promise “up to” speeds, Skycasters arms you with a guarantee speed. The guaranteed speed assures that you will always have the speed you need for video streaming.

Customers can use Skycasters satellite Internet streaming video solutions for just about any uploading application including production and surveillance. Or, customers can use the service to download live video from their homes and businesses.

Uploading – Satellite Internet Streaming

Are you traveling to a remote town in Wyoming to stream the bull riding championships live? Maybe your organization is sponsoring the Soapbox Derby Tournament and you want to stream it live over the Internet but do not have access to landlines. Well, Skycasters has the Internet link you need. Upload live streaming video from any location throughout North America, Central America and the Caribbean. It doesn’t matter where you go. Skycasters will go too.

Customers can use Skycasters satellite Internet live streaming solutions for any desired application including production, surveillance, or security. Furthermore, Skycasters offers a variety of plans including fixed solutions, mobile satellite Internet solutions, rental solutions, and fixed dishes. Contact a friendly Skycasters representative to determine the best video streaming solution for you.

Downloading – Satellite Internet Streaming

In this case, the satellite dish is at your location, which you will use to stream live by downloading video from the Internet. For example, the Skycasters service can stream a baseball playoff game to employees on an isolated oil rig in the middle of the gulf, using your Skycasters satellite dish as the Internet link.

With mobile satellite Internet solutions and fixed dish services, Skycasters can accommodate just about anything you need to download streaming video. Additionally, all products are available for purchase or rent. Follow the rates below to choose the best solution for you and contact a sales representative to learn about rental and purchase opportunities.

Video Conferencing

Users can similarly use Skycasters for video conferencing. Different video conferencing systems have different bandwidth requirements. For example, FaceTime requires an average of about 250 kbps download and 50 kbps upload. If you would like us to help you determine bandwidth requirements for your video conferencing system of choice, please contact technical support at 330-785-2101.

Plans and Rates

Skycasters live video streaming plans provide a variety of speeds and rates to meet whatever requirements you may have. Before you stream live, please contact your Skycasters representative, who can help you determine which plan is best for you.

Speed (kbps) Megabytes Per Hour Cost Per MB Cost Per Hour
56 25 $0.15 $3.75
512 230 $0.15 $34.50
640 288 $0.15 $43.20
768 345 $0.15 $51.75

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Speed (kbps) Megabytes Per Hour Cost Per MB Cost Per Hour
256 115 $0.10 $11.50
1024 460 $0.10 $46.00
1536 691 $0.10 $69.10
2048 921 $0.10 $92.10

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Contact Us

Because the requirements for streaming live video vary rapidly depending on the application, we encourage you to call one of our expert account executives at 330-785-2100 or fill out the Skycasters Contact Form. They are available to help you determine which plan will best fit your needs for streaming video live over the Internet.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.