Satellite ISP

Satellite Internet service providers (satellite ISP’s) exist because more traditional forms of Internet, connectivity such as cable Internet or DSL, are sometimes unavailable. This problem exists when there’s simply no direct link to the U.S. Internet backbone, and commonly occurs in remote frontiers, in the middle of the ocean, or even on the site of a recent natural disaster. Skycasters’ satellite Internet ISP has been a major player in the ISP satellite market for many years, and is uniquely positioned to provide satellite Internet customers with the very best that satellite Internet providers can offer.

Satellite ISP – A Breed Apart

Why is Skycasters is a breed apart from all the other satellite Internet service providers? In a word: commitment. Commitment to the best and latest technology and equipment, commitment to providing the fastest and highest-quality connections available, and commitment to expert customer service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Committed To The Best and Latest Technology

Skycasters is the leading business satellite Internet service provider because we’re committed to bringing only the latest and best technology and equipment to the table. Our Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite dish ground stations and bundled satellite modems are capable of producing the industry’s best satellite speeds, with upload speeds in excess of 2 megabits per second and download speeds in excess of 6 megabits per second. Only by shortening the distance between ground stations and satellites in space could transmission speeds possibly get any faster.

Our ruggedized equipment and technology can operate at temperatures anywhere between freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit), and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that no matter what situations nature throws at you, Skycasters can still connect you to broadband satellite Internet.

Skycasters, Committed To The Speediest, Highest-Quality Connections Possible

How can Skycasters satellite ISP guarantee the speediest, highest-quality connections possible? Unlike other satellite ISP’s, who are merely satellite service resellers, Skycasters operates its own network.

This means we never oversubscribe our network-a trick many providers use that can slow speeds to a crawl during peak business hours. Instead, our customers always get the fastest speeds possible. You’ll never experience the degradation that comes from other satellite ISPs who keep adding subscribers to try to squeeze out every last dime of profit.

Here at Skycasters, we think providing less-than-advertised performance is dishonest to customers, and we promise to never allow corporate greed to prevent us from providing you the very best in satellite Internet connectivity available.

Skycasters: 110% Bandwidth, 90% Of The Time

In fact, we feel so strongly about doing what we say we’re going to do, that we offer a guarantee speed. The guarantee speed is our promise to customers that whatever bandwidth and speed satellite service you are subscribed to is what you will get. In fact, we guarantee 110% of that bandwidth more than 90% of the time. No other ISP can make that kind of commitment to its customers. As a satellite ISP, we give you our word and you can trust us to keep it.

Skycasters, Committed To Customer Service

As a satellite ISP provider, Skycasters is devoted to customer service in ways many other Internet providers can’t even come close to approaching. Our expert technical support engineers are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. When other satellite ISPs take a holiday, our customer support staff is ever-vigilant, monitoring all links in our customers’ satellite Internet service and proactively solving problems before they actually become real problems.

Feel free to contact our support engineers at 330-785-2101 any time of day, any day of the year. Or submit help requests by online support form. We’re dedicated to getting you online and keeping you online in the most expeditious way possible. Because at Skycasters, your success is our success!

Make the Move!

Skycasters is committed to providing the best equipment, technology, and performance, the fastest speeds, and unsurpassed customer service. To find out more about Skycasters, give us a call at 330-785-2100, or fill out our welcome form here to get connected today!


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