Create a Hosted SuperVPN for Your Business

The SuperVPN Solution

This solution is not an end-to-end VPN, (check out the VPN whitepaper for more info), but a hybrid solution incorporating a VPN and a PN (Private Network). It does not have the VPN over satellite performance limitations of its competitors because Skycasters securely connects the customer’s private satellite network directly to a VPN device located in the Skycasters NOC. That VPN device communicates with a compatible device at the customer’s headquarters. This solution eliminates the need to use a VPN across the space segment, and creates a high quality small business VPN.

Skycasters routes the secure traffic between its private satellite network and its customer’s headquarters network across a variety of customer-selected options including point-to-point T-1 or VPN across the Internet. If the Internet method is chosen, then it is important to note that in the SuperVPN network configuration the VPN need only exist across the public Internet and not across the private satellite network. This completely avoids the performance problems of satellite VPN because there is no VPN used across the satellite link.

The SuperVPN Network

The Skycasters SuperVPN high-performance secure solution allows the customer to establish dedicated VPN across the Internet to connect their headquarters network with Skycasters NOC tooltip in Akron, Ohio. In the illustration below, an IPsec VPN secures the traffic while it passes over the public Internet to and from the customer headquarters location and the Skycasters satellite gateway equipment. The traffic between the satellite uplink center and the remote satellite sites traverses the already-secure private satellite network. Click here to have someone contact me.

Skycasters provides versatile security solutions with SuperVPN
Please click on the SuperVPN diagram above to view the larger version.

SuperVPN – VPN Segment

Since the Skycasters VSAT-powered satellite network is itself a private network, the point-to-point VPN connection only has to be made across the Internet (the public portion of the data path). In the SuperVPN scenario, the remote site computers do not require a VPN client to be installed.

SuperVPN – Space Segment

In the Skycasters SuperVPN secure network model, all data is secured across the space link by both the TDMA architecture and session-key encryption between the remote hardware (satellite modem) and the satellite hub at the Skycasters NOC. This segment of the connection is therefore secure with or without added hosted VPN technology.

There is no encryption algorithm required for the upstream data going from the remote to the NOC, because the upstream channels (inroutes) are inherently secure based on their method of operation.

SuperVPN – Network Security Terrestrial Segment (Internet)

All traffic across the Internet between the Skycasters SuperVPN routers at the satellite uplink center and the customer’s headquarters location is secured by IPsec VPN. Using Cisco IPsec VPN technology, Skycasters provides industry standard secured communication between our NOC and the customer HQ.

The result is that customers will connect to the Skycasters SuperVPN private satellite network with the security level of a dedicated private network, while using the Internet for connection to HQ without the expense of a leased line. Skycasters main VPN routers are located in the VSAT NOC facility and mediate all access between the Skycasters private satellite network and the customer HQ.


Skycasters’ innovative hybrid solution, SuperVPN, solves the satellite VPN performance problems while maintaining the highest levels of security. This solution is ideal for creating a business VPN. Please discuss your specific requirements for a SuperVPN with your sales engineer. If you prefer to manage your own hosted VPN, you may elect to co-locate VPN hardware in our data center. We can advise you as to options, and our engineers can assist with design and implementation.

For a complete explanation please read our whitepaper.


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