We Know That Communication Issues Don’t Always Occur During Business Hours

Your 24/7 Support

At Skycasters, our technical support team monitors every component of our broadband satellite Internet system 24/7, 365 days a year. So you can have total peace of mind that our network will work as expected.

But should you ever have a technical problem or communication issue, whether it’s 3 pm or 3 am, just call our dedicated 24/7 tech support line at 330-785-2101 or fill out the online form. An expert from the Skycasters team will gladly perform satellite Internet troubleshooting and work to resolve the issue promptly. Our satellite Internet tech support crew understands that your time is valuable, so we’re dedicated to getting you up and running with minimal fuss.

24/7 tech support line 330-785-2101.

System Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Sophisticated systems like the Skycasters network need constant attention, and occasional downtime for maintenance. We recognize you need both as few interruptions to your satellite Internet connection as possible, and plan for interruptions when they’re unavoidable. This time slot on weekends is the time when the fewest customers need bandwidth. We apologize for any inconvenience if this is a time when you need access.

Maintenance ScheduleSkycasters planned maintenance occurs every 2nd and 4th Saturday, beginning Saturday night at midnight, Eastern Time, and ending at 3 am Sunday morning. Our tech support team supervises the maintenance and they are available to answer any questions you may have at the time.

Most of the time the maintenance only takes a few minutes, so the actual maintenance interruption may be shorter than scheduled. And some months, only one, and sometimes no scheduled maintenance is required.

But please note these times anyway, to either synchronize your own maintenance schedule, or just to know when our satellite Internet support team plans system maintenance.

If you are experiencing any problems with your satellite Internet connection, please don’t assume it’s related to a maintenance window. Always call Skycasters’ 24/7 tech support line at 330-785-2101 if you have any questions about your account.

Scheduled Maintenance and network upgrades are announced in advance on Facebook. Friend us for the latest news.

Our support team (and sometimes the President of the company) Tweets updates during maintenance windows. Follow us!


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.